Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bronte, Clovelly and Coogee Architectural Details

The Eastern Suburbs have a great variety of architecture that characterise the landscape. The physicality of the buildings gives an indication of the values and aesthetics of the time that they were built. Though ideas and trends move on these buildings stay static as a stationary reminder of what was. As an artist inspired by the built environment of Sydney I find it interesting to consider these various influences that shaped the landscape we see today. I am drawn to the wide diversity of architecture in the Eastern Suburbs and its ability to seem somewhat cohesive, such that the many influences come together in a way that has a distinct character.

For this blog entry I have taken a series of photographs of architectural details of buildings in Bronte, Clovelly and Coogee. These photos are by no means conclusive but provide a small taster of the finer texture to the landscape. Much of the development of architecture in Sydney was moulded by imported European or American styles which were modfied by the climate and the materials available to build. Some of these styles are shown below.

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