Friday, 3 September 2010

Claudia Massie - Geo Prints

In any landscape painting the artist selects what to put in the frame and  what to represent. The artist is attempting to depict an interpretation of the landscape to give a sense of its character. Claudia Massie is a Scottish artist who focuses on distilling the character of the Scottish landscape. I have exhibited with her in several exhibitions in Scotland in the past. Claudia has had great success for her strong, bold and dark rural landscapes taken from eye-level view. However, in her most recent show she has drawn on geological maps to depict a fascinating and novel view of the landscape. She uses fossils found in the areas to give further depth to her investigation. The results are beautiful and fascinating pieces that invite the viewer to consider the earth beyond the noise of human existence. Her work can be viewed on her blog here.

Claudia Massie (2010), Untitled, monotype/screenprint

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