Friday, 4 June 2010

Coogee in June

Wedding Cake Island in June
29cm x21cm

Watercolours are a lifestyle choice for me at the moment for two reasons; they are beautiful and results can be achieved quickly. Each piece takes me about ten to fifteen minutes. I work with three to four layers always from top to bottom. The first layer is a thin wash that I allow to dry, and then I work in the detail with the subsequent layers. The quality of materials is fundamental in this medium. The top painting of today ‘Wedding Cake Island in May’ is painted on relatively good quality Bockingford 300gsm cold-pressed paper. It provides a reliable balance of absorbency and flow that keeps the paint luminous. The other paintings from today are on paper of a lower quality. As a result the paint seems bold or over worked as I struggled with the absorbency in painting.

Gordons Bay in June
29cm x 21cm

View towards to Coogee in June(small)
29cm x 19cm

View towards to Coogee in June (large)
42cm x 28cm

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