Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bronte Beach in Graphite

Bronte Beach in Graphite
Graphite and Eraser on Paper
61cm x 54cm

This drawing captures Bronte beach from the north on the coastal walk. It is winter so the beach is sparse of people. In the foreground you can see the edge of the sandstone cliff I am viewing from. Whilst drawing this piece I decided to use lines to build up the tone both with graphite and rubbing away with the eraser. The linear process reminded me of Alberto Giacometti's work. I am a big fan of this artist who lived from 1906 to 1966. He was famous for his emaciated figure sculptures, however, I have always been more drawn to his lesser know drawings and paintings. He uses a technique of layering lines to build up the image. The lines feel like there is urgency to them which combine in a vibrant chaos. Much of the intensity of his compositions comes from the staring gaze of the person captured.

Alberto Giacometti (1906-1966)
Oil on Canvas


  1. Super strong art-works!
    Congrt, Willy.

  2. I really like this drawing. I've always been a fan of subtractive/eraser technique. Nice work!