Monday, 2 August 2010


Clovelly Rock
Chinese Ink and Paints on Rice Paper Scroll
42cm x 59cm

 Clovelly Swell Sketch
Chinese Ink and Paint on Paper
40cm x 29cm

Inspired by a recent trip to Hong Kong, a place I grew up I have decided to draw on some Chinese painting influence for these pieces. With my recent use of ink and watercolour it feels like a natural progression to look at Chinese landscape painting. This genre of painting has a deep history in using ink and washes which is more specifically known as Shui-mo-hua. The idea of this form of painting is not to reproduce the subject but to capture its essence. So to paint waves, rather than portraying a static image, the goal is to express its power or movement and to reduce the useless detail.

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  1. Stupendi, adoro il tuo lavoro, hai tantissima forza e talento