Saturday, 18 September 2010

Auctioning the Landscape

Auctioning the Landscape
Acyric, Ink, Collage, Chinese Paints on Card
64cm x 51cm

This piece is an experiment using collage and even looser treatment of the landscape. The collage comes from the Southern Courier a local paper that has a large section with local real estate advertisments. The idea was to reference the fundamental aspect of economic value in the construction of the landscape. I really enjoy the work of Mark Bradford who uses collage in a unique way to create abstract map-like, layered pieces. Bradford finds all the materials used from the street in the form of posters or flyers then reappropriates them as an artwork.


  1. Really great this one. I am experimenting with collage myself at the moment.

  2. Thanks Uermeli,

    Although I like experimenting with collage I am not at a stage where I think it really adds to my work. I can see the potential is there but maybe it is not for me yet.