Friday, 24 September 2010

The in-between spaces

The in-between space
Watercolour on Arches Paper
57cm x 37cm

This is a painting from a space in-between I found when I was walking from A to B. I love walking. I often walk rather than take the car or bus. It takes me longer but I enjoy it. I enjoy feeling how spaces connect. So often we rely on transport to take us from A to B without enjoying those spaces in-between. I am a fan of the author Will Self who has written a book called Psychogeography. Basically, he argues that transport, particularly the car, has removed us from understand our landscape. He proposes that people understand the world as a series of disconnected microcosms without any understand how they relate. To better understand the landscape people should walk more.


  1. what a great thought. When i lived in Canada i did'nt own a car. I walked every where biked or took the bus to make an appointment in another city. Thank you for the reminder of how walking we do something wonderful for our body, but we notice the flow of the land.

  2. Beautiful impression!
    Keep on walking...

  3. I am beginning to try Chinese water color painting, your blog is just nice. beautiful work.